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Greening with Gratitude was a project I began in May 2011 with the hope of creating change by starting with myself. In the year of striving to find practical solutions and small steps I have learned a lot and hope to share some of this with you.

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How To Green With Gratitude

Below is a short summary of the project of greening with gratitude.  Essentially, it is a way of sharing the savings that can be derived from green choices.  I see massive potential in transitioning to a low-carbon economy, and this can be accelerated if those who already experience the lower operating costs of renewable energy help others overcome the higher initial costs.

It also includes my savings and expenditures for the past year as well as my hopes for a new green bank, similar to both a food bank program and Habitat for Humanity as a way to help others and act collectively.

Greening With Gratitude


Have Your Say on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Myself and some members of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa are looking to add another public charging station to Ottawa's network.  To see where public chargers already are see  You can tell us where you would like it to go below using this quick survey:

 EV Charger's Survey

Also, here are the responses so far.  Each site is awarded points for being ranked using the survey results.  





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